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What’s up DGC, I have a question about my older leaves turning yellow on a few of my Ladies Night X Cherry Poloma plants. Here’s the lowdown on the grow. Environment is 80° F and around 50-55% RH. Being grown in a coco/perlite mix of 70/30 with the New Mil with Silicium at 650 ppm right now. Lighting is an AC Infinity S24 200w light at 100% and around 16 inches from canopy. They were in 1 gallons plastic pots until I transplanted today to 2 gal fabrics. They were being fed twice a day at 300ml per shot.

Had no issues or signs of deficiency till about 2 days ago. The 2 other plants that are a different strain don’t show this yellowing much at all. To me they just look hungry and want more food. I know the Poloma is a beast and likes to eat so hopefully that will resolve the issue. This is my first time running the New Mil line so just want to cover my bases and see what you all think. Thanks as always DGC!