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OK I have always been a windoholic. A real blow hard. I can understand why I should not be so aggressive during most stages. But what about after week five of flower? My leaves are so angry. But my God do they put on the wind blocker !  Have I compared? Yes I have. The more supple and happy and juicy they look at the end, the less sunscreen and wind blocker they have also. By looking at this plant, you may think that it is getting burnt by heat. However, they are not! They have had the maximum of 80° during the entire flowering cycle. OK maybe too much light? Nope. 700 would be the max. And I have an apogee meter. So this narrows it down to wind. Wind won’t burn the Terps right?    I find it creates an all over way to encourage its protection. Not just what is subjected to the lights. I made this all up in my head. So… Does it make sense? And should I be proud of my extremely angry looking bud?   The picture does not do it justice. It is absolutely gooey.