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Greetings, everybody!

It’s been a while since I reached out to the heart of the DGC… Ever since we legalized here in AZ, I have spent a lot of Facebook and IN-PERSON time helping out new growers that emerged here in Tucson once we got our 6-12 plant limit. I have a lot going on in my personal grow that I would like to share… including my new love affair with Grow Dots and building a perpetual grow based on it… And I plan to share it all in the future. But for now, I was wondering how you find and select guests to be on your show? Or if it’s a “ting” to recommend anybody? There is one grower in particular that is an OG DGC, Tray K, who will be at the upcoming DGC cup and in your area! I have kept up with her on IG and Facebook since the old days of the DGC Google+ days, and have always thought she would be an awesome guest from all the great content she provides via social media!  The cannabis growing community is such a sausage fest that I figured you might enjoy showcasing one of the few females in the grow world that are personally, putting themselves out there for their love of the plant! I know she’s a pretty humble lady, so begging for an invite to the bakery isn’t really her thing… But I have no shame and will highly recommend her, even if she won’t! Ha Ha!  But seriously, Have a look at her IG and see her amazing garden with much more than just cannabis!!