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What’s up DGC!

Thought I’d share a few pics of my girls. Running 2 Critical Orange Punch and 2 Flo (Purple Thai x Afghan).

Running 4×4 tent, 6” AC Infinity, 5gal bags 50/50 Happy Frog and Canna Coco topped with Rice Hulls under an SF4000. Using Gaja Green organics, worm castings, Microbial Mass/Chitosal, Bi-weekly Molasses 1 Tbsp/gal, 1 dose of Cal-Mag and 1 dose of Epsom Salts 1 Tbsp/gal. Also use a foliar bloom spray called Umph Power from Growing Edge Technologies twice during flower.

3rd run using this method and it keeps getting better. Having the tent dialed in is huge.

Seems to be working pretty well. These girls are in middle of week 5. Looks like the 2 Orange Punch will be done first. Looking forward to it.

Thanks to the entire DGC for all the tips and support.