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First of all, this is the only place I would post this, no other place. We the best, fuck the rest.

As a Saturday night treat to myself, I decided to do a heavy defoliation (to help keep on top of my humidity and to expose bud sites to light) in my 4×8 Autoflower tent and add a trellis net (yes you can trellis Autoflowers!) and thought my beautiful DGC community might like to see, so here you lot go. As you can see, they will flower to 6 feet if I let them but I will trellis them at 5 feet.

There are 8 canna plants and 2 chilli plants (somewhere in there) and specifically, there are 4 Wedding Cake, 3 type of Critial Kush, and Gorilla Zkittles. Once today’s defoliation is complete, I will switch from 24 hours of lighting to 20/4 and reduce temps. I am pretty sure in a few days I will need to do another heavy defoliation.

I hope you lot like what you see, especially the Autoflower heads. I am an open book to the DGC community and I will keep you lot posted on the growth, if you lot want! Peace, health, wealth and prosperity to the DGC Famo!